Kitchen Complements Garlic Powder 500g – BBF Sept 2018


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Kitchen Complements Garlic Powder 500g – BBF Sept 2018

Garlic powder is dried or dehydrated garlic that has been finely ground and pulverized to create the powdered form for adding mild garlic flavor to foods. In short, it is the powdered version of garlic.The taste of garlic powder is somewhat different from fresh garlic though. Garlic powder doesn’t taste as sharp as its fresh counterpart. The powder form is milder and disperses well in liquid, making it a better choice for marinades compared to fresh garlic.

Garlic powder works wells as a flavour enhancer for dips and it also the ideal choice to use as sprinkles for french fries and other fried foods.For its convenience and ease of use, garlic powder is an excellent substitute for fresh garlic. But there’s no reason not to have both of them on your kitchen.

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